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Devon County Council qualitative and quantitative research to support Walking & Cycling to work campaign

Posted on July 24th 2013 by

We are working again with the Sustainable and Safe Travel team at Devon County Council and the RH Partnership to provide key information for both the campaign development and the measurement of the impact of the campaign.

The project involves pre campaign quantitative face to face research which particularly looks at the barriers to commuting by bike in and around Devon and bench marks the level of awareness of existing cycling campaigns. Post campaign awareness will also be measured. We will be completing a total of 400 pre and 400 post campaign interviews.
In the second phase of the research we will use a series of focus groups with the target audience in 4 of the LSTF areas. The results will be used to develop the creative concepts for the planned campaign.

We have been involved with public transport surveys and in cycling surveys for over 15 years in the South West. Other future projects include us working on developing the concepts for the school training program Bike ability – where a series of paired depths will be used with the 11-14 year old target audience. 

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