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Brand awareness and advertising

Developing a strong brand and engaging communications are time-consuming and expensive processes so it’s important to get them right.  Research into understanding how you are perceived by your customers and prospects is an important step in building lasting and profitable customer relationships. 


Creative and brand development

Designed to test advertising or marketing concepts and to provide insight into brand awareness, perceptions and values, market research can provide invaluable qualitative and quantitative data on the brand and the market in which it operates to ensure effective communications and brands that engage their target markets.

We have extensive experience of conducting this type of research for companies in a range of sectors from food to local authority awareness campaigns.


Brand awareness and perception measurement

Designed to test the level of your brand awareness with your target markets usually within a competitive context, this type of measurement can identify how well you are achieving cut-through and also the perceptions that your audiences have of you.  Can also be used to measure NPS (Net Promoter Scores) looking at likelihoods of recommendation and referal.


Advertising campaign awareness measurement

Conducting pre and post campaign awareness research amongst a pre-defined audience to understand who saw a particular advertising campaign (and where they saw it).  Also gives the opportunity to understand the effect that the advertising has on their attitudes or behaviours going forward.


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