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Face to face surveys

On Street

This is a good methodology for those who wish to ensure that they obtain a statistically significant, robust sample, representative of the population or a particular target audience. Typically, our interviewers work to a sample frame based on age, gender and if appropriate socio-economic group to obtain the right mix of respondents.  Other screening questions can also be asked. Being face to face they can visually identify those they need to interview and are also able to show stimulus material to prompt respondents.



This methodology has all the advantages of a street interview but is conducted on the doorstep.  Used for longer surveys than those on street, door to door surveys are good for projects where residents of a specific geographical area need to be surveyed.  The deployment of highly visible interviewers also works to promote activity in the geographic area.  This can be particularly useful for public sector clients who may be engaged in social marketing campaigns.   


Exit surveys

Ideal for retail clients and visitor attractions e.g. museums, these surveys are used at point of exit to research customer perceptions, behaviours and experiences. 


Hall Tests

Taking place in a controlled environment, hall tests are used when researching a product, packaging or advertising - and allow participants to interact directly with what is being tested.  Typically these are used to refine designs after a focus group (qualitative) exercise has selected the most appealing options.

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