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Focus Groups

Focus Groups are a qualitative methodology enabling the person managing the group (the moderator) to explore people's perceptions, behaviours, opinions, beliefs and attitudes.  

Typically, groups consist of between 8-10 people where group dynamics can provoke lively discussions and provide a richness of verbal and non-verbal feedback.  So this approach is particularly good for discussing product or service ideas and creative concepts such as advertising, branding or packaging.

Specific stiumuli can be used such as creative visuals or packaging designs and the groups are guided by our research moderators who use a topic guide to manage the discussions to ensure it meets the research objectives. 


Deliberative workshops 

These are a form of focus group where the attendees are given a presentation on a topic which is designed to inform and educate them prior to having a discussion.  Usually this approach is used where the attendees would not be expected to know much about the subject e.g. transport infrastructure planning or where the client wishes to determine whether views and opinions change as a result of being further educated on a topic.  These can take 1/2 day to a full day and are usually incentivised.



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