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A range of research, consultation and data services…

Power Marketing Research is a full service agency which offers a range of market research solutions to private, public and voluntary organisations.  


Typically, our clients commission us for the whole of their project from clarifying the objectives through to debriefing the results.  However, you may prefer to do the analysis and reporting in-house – if so, we can provide fieldwork and data collection resources to meet your requirements.  Data can be provided in a range of formats such as Excel or SPSS files if required.

We offer services in the following areas:

  • Brand awareness and advertising research
  • Creative Development Research
  • Customer, Employee and Supporter research
  • Product development and service testing
  • Customer profiling, personas and segmentation
  • Services for Public Sector Organisations
  • Fieldwork and Data Services

If you have a particular project in mind or just want to explore how research can help you move your organisation forward, please contact us

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