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We have worked collaboratively with marketing agencies and consultancy companies for many years. We are happy to be part of your project team and provide an independent, supportive view on how to incorporate meaningful research into your clients' business planning or provide credible research expertise to support your pitch or tender.

  • We speak your language. We are marketers first and researchers second - we concentrate on how research can help your clients make the right marketing decisions and measure how they are doing.
  • We are able to work seamlessly with you, either “white labelled” as part of your project team or as an independent research specialist.
  • We support the positive relationship you have with your client at all times and you can be assured of our confidentiality.
  • We are flexible in our invoicing procedure to allow either direct client invoicing or via your own accounts.

Extending your service offer to include research – adds both value and revenue and helps provide insight, often resolving problems – challenging your client's objectives and providing facts and evidence to help drive marketing strategy and inform tactical campaigns.

Typical projects would include providing insights on new creative concepts such as a new logo, adverts or product packaging.  We also provide data for campaign measurement and brand audits as well as carrying out research into new products and services.  If lucky, we get to do taste tests too!

If you have a potential research project in mind and would like us to help scope out the project and consider the best approach please call either Peter or Sarah.


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