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Sustainable travel campaign

Client: Devon County Council
Sector: Public sector
Service: Brand Awareness and Advertising research
Added July 30th 2015


The Cycling team at Devon County Council had commissioned RH Partners to develop a campaign which encouraged those driving into the City for work and leisure to adopt other modes, such as cycling or walking, of getting into Exeter.  


Various creative executions had been developed aimed at those who were not totally averse (or unable) to use these alternative methods of getting around.  The team at the Council wanted to test which creative and message had the greatest appeal and resonated best with the audiences they were aiming to communicate with.


•4 focus groups were held in Exeter, Exmouth, Totnes and Newton Abbot
•The Exeter group was held with 17+year old students who attend Exeter College or University
•The other groups were held with workers who lived in the locations aged 25-55, with a mix of genders, full and part-time workers and those with families and without.
•All respondents were either occasional cyclists or those who had an interest in cycling
•Additionally, they all lived within a reasonable cycling distance of their work/place of study.



There was a general consensus on which creative and messages appealed and which the respondents felt was the most effective.  The selected artwork was subsequently amended in line wiht the suggestions of the groups and appeared on bus sides and other outdoor media in and around Exeter.